Emotions Run Amok


A wave of emotions are running through me today.   I write as an outlet for my rage.   My own insecurities prevent me from adequately articulating my emotions and feelings in society.  Therefore….  I write

Let me preface this piece by saying, how devastated I feel for the French people, the wounded and the families of the dead.   I cannot begin to imagine dealing with the loss of loved ones under these circumstances.

These are the emotions I am feeling today as I can best articulate them…


We live in a world where life is treated callously.   We send our son’s and daughters off to ill-planned wars, watch the black youth of this country gun each other down and stand silently by as thousands of unborn lives are terminated daily.  We allow our children to play video games that depict deplorable acts and wonder why when they act out in so-called, abnormal ways.   We sit idly by while the anonymity of the internet and social media turns our culture into vile, hate-filled accusers through tweets and sound bites.

If I truly ponder it, I am sad for humanity many days.   Today though, I sit back and read the about the most evil things that human beings do to one another and sit in awe that such hatred can come out of a human being that he can snuff out the life of a man who lay dying on the street, reaching up with hands pleading for the gunman to spare him.  With one callous pull of the trigger, that life is gone and the lives of countless others are inexorably altered.


I truly don’t understand.   How can a “religion” expect the world to be forcibly coerced to convert or die?   What will that gain Islam?  Who among us has ever apologized for something when we weren’t truly contrite?  Does it help?   It’s a pretty far-fetched metaphor but what will Islam gain by forcing the entire world to convert when by its very nature, forcible conversion is not authentic.  Why would they want us to ACT like we were mirroring their beliefs?  Is that fulfilling?

This is emblematic of the problems that Islam has.   They cannot be a real world religion with a congregation of  coerced converts.

Let’s look this with simple logic…. The population of the world is approximately 7.1 billion people.   2.1 billion them are Muslims.   That leaves about 5.1 billion people who identify with some other religion or no religion at all.   Lets just say that through coercion, 25% or 1.25 billion people convert. That gives a total possible worldwide population of Muslims and 3.35 billion people.   That is still less than half of the planet’s population.   Are the Muslims seriously going to kill off half world population?  Let’s say, for the sake of argument that they did.   Can you anticipate the logistical problems in the world if half of the population was wiped out?  Power would be non-existent.  Medical Care world revert back to the stone age.   The world financial system would be obliterated.

The Muslim world has some very highly educated people (most of them educated in the US).   I don’t see how they can’t see the path that this is leading down.   Maybe they just don’t care.


I have not gotten to Anger yet about today’s events.   I will no doubt.   That said, I have plenty of anger about similar events and a culture that has been willing to appease the unappeasable.

The individuals that have carried out attacks in the past like this in Paris today cannot be classified as human beings.  These people cannot possibly possess a soul.   It’s interesting that we don’t hear about PTSD or other battlefield experience syndromes in the Muslim world.   I contend that PTSD is caused by witnessing deplorable acts and experiencing situations of high stress.   God did not intend for us to kill, maim and torture other human beings.   It is very difficult for the human psyche to process.

I am angry at people who hijack the word of God and turn it into something other than the tremendous blessings that it is.   I am angry at the people who refuse to recognize the threat and refuse to acknowledge that evil and terrorism exist as a part of a major world religion.   I am angry at people who even call it ‘Radical Islam’.  There is no such thing.  Are their peace loving Muslims?  Of course.  I would submit that the peaceful Muslims are actually living outside tenants of Islam, not following it.   I have studied the Koran extensively and to call it peaceful is at best a politically correct attempt to appease the Muslims and at worst it is an outright lie used to perpetuate a specific worldview.


Each time a major world terror event is reported, instead of it putting another chink in my armor, it gives me the strength to call out these soulless animals and use my own little fiefdom to carry on my attempts to expose them for the callous cowards that they are.  I will continue on fighting the fight and battling the war of ideas.   Each time something happens, it reminds me to stand up a little taller for my beliefs and repress the fear of talking about my worldview and ideology.   I will not let these events break me and push my ideas back into the recesses of my mind.   Each time, I get a little stronger and a little bolder.   Each time, I refer back to my Book.  I have read the ending….Good will win in the end.   That gives me the hope I need to continue.

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The Law of Proportionality

It is amazing to me that many Israel-bashing liberals are using the argument that Israel’s attacks on Gaza are woefully disproportionate to the damage inflicted by Hamas.   Really?   Really???  Since when is there supposed to be proportionality in warfare?  George Patton once said, “No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his.”

8 Million people live peacefully in Israel.   Approximately 1.5 million of them are Arabs. How many Israeli’s live in palestinian occupied territories?  Nada, Zilch, Zip.   It would seem that the Israeli’s are being billed as bullies and racist against Palestinians.   This war is not against Palestinians.   Israel has absolutiely no issues with the Palestinians.  It is Hamas, a group deemed a terrorist organization by most of the world’s major powers that the Israelis want to destroy.   Hamas is a group that has said repeatedly that their goal is the eradication of the jews and the destruction of Israel.   How can anyone, including John Kerry and Barak Obama expect the Israeli’s to negotiate?

It is a widely held view that one does not negotiate with terrorists.  The only thing that they under stand is strength.   To show weakness or uncertainty is giving carte blanche to them to misbehave like petulant children.

The object of war is to win and to win decisively.   This appetite to do what it takes to win has been a problem for the American public since Vietnam.   I contend that that lack of will is what has caused us to leave countries before the job is done.  By this so-called proportionality standard allied troops in WWII commited greivious indescretions along these lines.

If anyone would be truly objective, they would have to admit that Israel has shown tremendous restraint towards Hamas and Gaza since 2005.  Israelis have been shelled, rocketed, bombed, kidnapped & murdered with very little in the way of response from the Isreali military.

No more.  Israel has the appetite to win this war and that is exactly what they should do.   The only blame of the international community should be squarely laid on the shoulders of the Hamas leaders for placing rockets, significant military equipment and personnel near homes and schools.   The Israeli’s have moved mountains to try and limit civilian casualties while Hamas covets them.  We must decry the actions of Hamas and fully support Israel until such time as the threats against them are extinguished.

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American Exceptionalism hangs in the balance

Our illustrious Secretary of State, John Kerry said at an event in Vienna, this week, “I get always a little uptight when I hear politicians say how exceptional we are,” he reportedly intoned, “not because we’re not exceptional, but because it’s kind of in-your-face and a lot of other people are exceptional, a lot of other places do exceptional things.

Are you kidding me?? This administration has now gone from the ridiculous to the sublime. No top-tier leader of ours should ever discount American exceptionalism. Even today, as wounded and as dismissed as we are, the US is still a beacon of hope for many parts of the world.

Were it not so, why would parents take the great risk of handing their children over to Coyotes, leaving the fate of their loved ones to the hands of these nefarious characters to get them into, “the land of opportunity?”

The Obama White House and its entire group of progressive, left leaning supporters/cronies, do not believe that we are exceptional, nor do they believe that we ever were.

45 years ago today, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin & Michael Collins, sat atop a mammoth Saturn V rocket and were propelled into the history books by 70,000 pounds of thrust. 4 days later, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin stepped onto the surface of the moon. This is THE shining example of American exceptionalism. Seven years earlier, when John F. Kennedy spoke the words, “We choose to go to the moon and do the other things, not because they are easy but because they are hard,” only 30 percent of the technology to make the moon landing happen was in existence. In seven years, because we had a goal and we possessed the intellectual fortitude, we successfully landed two men on the moon and safely returned them to the earth.

Nothing so monumentally important to the world could be achieved under Barack Obama and his administration. Obama does not posses the leadership qualities nor the intestinal fortitude to accomplish great things. His ideology will not allow him to dream the exceptional dreams.

His dreams are to fundamentally change this country because he believes the U.S. to be an empirical menace. He does not believe that the U.S. has largely been a force for good around the world. He believes in economic parity and that corporations are modern day slave owners, profiting off the sweat and back-breaking labor of their slaves.

Under this administration, this country has experienced the slowest economic recovery in our countries history; Mr. Obama has presided over the most scandal ridden administration since Watergate; the president, when given the opportunity to bring people together; he has chose to divide saying that “The police acted stupidly” in Cambridge, Massachusetts when they arrested black professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., a prominent Harvard professor. Obama did the same at the outset of the George Zimmerman investigation.

When given the opportunity to do the right thing, to tout the greatness of our country, to extol the virtues of the U.S., instead he takes every chance he is given to apologize for us.

One need only look to the Middle East to see a perfect example of weak leadership. The non-existent redline in Syria, the unilateral pull-out of our troops in Iraq, and the impending tragedy that that is leading to the lack of Support for our best Ally in the region, Israel. All of this has led to a Middle East region that is exponentially less stable than at any other time in recent memory.

Obama does not believe in the greatness of this country, therefore he cant tout it. It is clear that he wanted to become president to “transform” this country. I will give him the benefit of the doubt and refrain from labeling him a socialist and/or a Marxist. That said, if one took his actions in totality and put them before a jury, enough circumstantial evidence would eventually lead to a conviction.

Obama may not be the definitive “worst president in American history.” Barring that, he is arguably the worst leader. I may be a difference without a distinction. God help us until January of 2017.

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Sports and the Great Cultural Chasm

So, we can nearly all agree that Richard Sherman is a narcissistic jerk right?   That is mostly a given.   So why anyone would be surprised at his reaction in post-game interviews is beyond me.   Sherman has shown his true character on many occasions both on and off the gridiron.  

My problem is the cultural shift that has apparently passed me by in the last 10 to 15 years.   The NFL has become wrestling.  It is no longer about gifted athletes that let their performance on the field speak for itself.   This is evidenced by a Safety jumping up and gesticulating wildly because of a hard hit on a running back that just torched the defense for a 35 yard run.   I want to scream at the television and  say,

“Hey moron!  That guy just schooled the rest of your team, got them into scoring position with the last seconds of the game waning and because you made a big solo hit that means nothing, you can’t resist the urge to act like you have been there before?!”

  It is infuriating to watch modern athletes strut and preen.   To me it is not entertaining and I have found that I have the urge to watch it less and less.    

There was a time that I scripted my Sundays around the NFL.   I would watch any game at any time.   During this 2013, 2014 season I can count on one hand the number of full games that I watched.    

There is something very appealing to see a magnificent athletic feat followed by understated confidence and humility.   

My big problem is that I think that my preferences have become the exception rather than the rule.   The NFL is more popular than ever and the NFC championship game had the most viewers ever for a non-Super Bowl playoff game.  That says to me that behavior like Richard Sherman’s and others is what people want to see.   I thank God that I don’t have a nine or ten year-old son and have to try and explain that the magnificent athlete he sees on the screen is not to be idolized.  How would I win that battle win all of his friends are watching and loving him and turning around and buying that athlete’s shoes that he endorses?   The answer is that I can’t win that and it is pretty obvious that my preferences are pretty archaic.  I guess all I can do is do my own thing on Sundays and not worry about it.  

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The Great Divide

Social media is an amazing thing. More than any other form of communication it can display the amazing cultural disparities that exist in this country.

As I sat reading the real-time reactions on Twitter, Facebook et al to the Zimmerman verdict, I could not help but be struck by the scores of people that I know, seemingly thoughtful and rational, that saw exactly the same testimony & legal arguments but came to completely different conclusions.

In my opinion the lens through which we view world events is ALWAYS tainted by our own ideology and values. We can never be truly objective. I submit that even people with the highest intellect and therefore the greatest ability to reason are never truly able to view an issue with complete balance.

No event in recent memory has proven this out than the Zimmerman case.

The Conservative View:

Traditionally conservatives stick to the facts. In this case, the would say that Florida law states that a person under the perception that they are in danger of death or great bodily harm, has the right to defend himself. They would say that Zimmerman did nothing outside the law and that there was zero credible evidence to prove otherwise. They would say that at the very least there was no evidence to suggest that Zimmerman’s story was fabricated therefore the jury could not come to a conclusion meeting the high standard of “beyond reasonable doubt.” As a result Conservstives by-in-large believe the Jury had no choice but to acquit George Zimmerman. From the conservative viewpoint this is very cut and dried.

The Liberal View.

Liberals are much more feelings based in their viewpoints.

I heard from many of my liberal friends, “If Zimmerman had not gotten out of the car, Trayvon would still be alive. This is true of course but then the counter argument to that is that if Trayvon had just kept walking then he would still be alive.

Liberals also are holding on to the belief, mostly based on an edited version of the audio tape by NBC News that put a very different spin on events than what actually took place.

So as a staunch conservative, My point of view is that Liberals arrive at conclusions based on what they feel is true rather than relying on factual events. This can and often does lead to large leaps that do not necessarily represent truth. You see the liberal version of truth is often a moving target. It can often be spun to represent their point of view.

Here is a classic example of the differences. Most responsible Conservatives would say that in this case the State did not prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. They understand that George Zimmerman was not obliged to prove his innocence. Conservatives for the most part believe in Zimmerman’s version of events but that said, they will admit that they cannot know for certain that they are true. However, they would say that there were enough witness inconsistencies for the State’s case that burden of proof was not solidified therefore the Jury’s acquittal was valid.

Liberals, on the other hand seem to know in their hearts that Zimmerman stalked Trayvon, threatened him with a gun and Trayvon lashed out physically as a result of Zimmerman’s threat. The problem with this is that there is almost no basis in fact. In my opinion, because liberals ideology is mostly feelings based, this is the only way that they can reconcile the tragedy that occurred. It doesn’t seem to matter that there was no law broken by Zimmerman. They only see a dead teenager and believe that there must be some justice for this young man.

While social media is by-in-large a it will continue to show the divide that separates us ideologically in this country. I don’t believe it will ever be bridged.

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Mixed Emotions

As I watched the events in Boston last week, I felt pretty certain that we would catch the perpetrators, they would be radical muslims and that the Justice Department should label them enemy combatants, stick them in Gitmo, interrogate the heck out of them and let them sit there until the are given a military tribunal.   

As it turned out, I was right about the Muslim radical aspect of the case.  I did not stop to consider the fact that this would be an American citizen (albeit naturalized), and I certainly did not stop to consider the constitutional ramifications of suspending Habeus Corpus.

This raises a very convoluted series of questions and thoughts for me.  In principal I agree that as a matter of national security, we need to determine if there is any further threat, if there are others, who is financing the operation and much more.   I think the public safety exception to suspending the reading of the Bomber’s Miranda Rights is ok so long as the questioning surrounds information needed to determine the things i listed previously.   

That said, where do we draw the line on Enemy Combatants and Military Tribunals?   If the Government can change the classification and therefore the rights of this Bomber, then what is to stop them from doing it to others?  Me?  You?   

It is easy to say that it would never happen to you or I but there are many jews that said the same thing about Nazi Germany.   If it happened once it can happen again and there is no guarantee against a tyrannical government running amok.   

I would much rather err on the side of black and white constitutionality even if it means that this idiot does not get what he completely deserves and we don’t get EVERYTHING we can out of him.   Many of these Constitutional issues that we are wrestling with can take us down the slippery slope from which there is no climbing back.   

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