Sports and the Great Cultural Chasm

So, we can nearly all agree that Richard Sherman is a narcissistic jerk right?   That is mostly a given.   So why anyone would be surprised at his reaction in post-game interviews is beyond me.   Sherman has shown his true character on many occasions both on and off the gridiron.  

My problem is the cultural shift that has apparently passed me by in the last 10 to 15 years.   The NFL has become wrestling.  It is no longer about gifted athletes that let their performance on the field speak for itself.   This is evidenced by a Safety jumping up and gesticulating wildly because of a hard hit on a running back that just torched the defense for a 35 yard run.   I want to scream at the television and  say,

“Hey moron!  That guy just schooled the rest of your team, got them into scoring position with the last seconds of the game waning and because you made a big solo hit that means nothing, you can’t resist the urge to act like you have been there before?!”

  It is infuriating to watch modern athletes strut and preen.   To me it is not entertaining and I have found that I have the urge to watch it less and less.    

There was a time that I scripted my Sundays around the NFL.   I would watch any game at any time.   During this 2013, 2014 season I can count on one hand the number of full games that I watched.    

There is something very appealing to see a magnificent athletic feat followed by understated confidence and humility.   

My big problem is that I think that my preferences have become the exception rather than the rule.   The NFL is more popular than ever and the NFC championship game had the most viewers ever for a non-Super Bowl playoff game.  That says to me that behavior like Richard Sherman’s and others is what people want to see.   I thank God that I don’t have a nine or ten year-old son and have to try and explain that the magnificent athlete he sees on the screen is not to be idolized.  How would I win that battle win all of his friends are watching and loving him and turning around and buying that athlete’s shoes that he endorses?   The answer is that I can’t win that and it is pretty obvious that my preferences are pretty archaic.  I guess all I can do is do my own thing on Sundays and not worry about it.  


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I am one of those "crazies" that the libtards talk about. A tried and true conservative, small government, let the people tend to themselves, stay out of my business and I, along with a throng of other small business owners, will inject life into the economy.
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