Emotions Run Amok


A wave of emotions are running through me today.   I write as an outlet for my rage.   My own insecurities prevent me from adequately articulating my emotions and feelings in society.  Therefore….  I write

Let me preface this piece by saying, how devastated I feel for the French people, the wounded and the families of the dead.   I cannot begin to imagine dealing with the loss of loved ones under these circumstances.

These are the emotions I am feeling today as I can best articulate them…


We live in a world where life is treated callously.   We send our son’s and daughters off to ill-planned wars, watch the black youth of this country gun each other down and stand silently by as thousands of unborn lives are terminated daily.  We allow our children to play video games that depict deplorable acts and wonder why when they act out in so-called, abnormal ways.   We sit idly by while the anonymity of the internet and social media turns our culture into vile, hate-filled accusers through tweets and sound bites.

If I truly ponder it, I am sad for humanity many days.   Today though, I sit back and read the about the most evil things that human beings do to one another and sit in awe that such hatred can come out of a human being that he can snuff out the life of a man who lay dying on the street, reaching up with hands pleading for the gunman to spare him.  With one callous pull of the trigger, that life is gone and the lives of countless others are inexorably altered.


I truly don’t understand.   How can a “religion” expect the world to be forcibly coerced to convert or die?   What will that gain Islam?  Who among us has ever apologized for something when we weren’t truly contrite?  Does it help?   It’s a pretty far-fetched metaphor but what will Islam gain by forcing the entire world to convert when by its very nature, forcible conversion is not authentic.  Why would they want us to ACT like we were mirroring their beliefs?  Is that fulfilling?

This is emblematic of the problems that Islam has.   They cannot be a real world religion with a congregation of  coerced converts.

Let’s look this with simple logic…. The population of the world is approximately 7.1 billion people.   2.1 billion them are Muslims.   That leaves about 5.1 billion people who identify with some other religion or no religion at all.   Lets just say that through coercion, 25% or 1.25 billion people convert. That gives a total possible worldwide population of Muslims and 3.35 billion people.   That is still less than half of the planet’s population.   Are the Muslims seriously going to kill off half world population?  Let’s say, for the sake of argument that they did.   Can you anticipate the logistical problems in the world if half of the population was wiped out?  Power would be non-existent.  Medical Care world revert back to the stone age.   The world financial system would be obliterated.

The Muslim world has some very highly educated people (most of them educated in the US).   I don’t see how they can’t see the path that this is leading down.   Maybe they just don’t care.


I have not gotten to Anger yet about today’s events.   I will no doubt.   That said, I have plenty of anger about similar events and a culture that has been willing to appease the unappeasable.

The individuals that have carried out attacks in the past like this in Paris today cannot be classified as human beings.  These people cannot possibly possess a soul.   It’s interesting that we don’t hear about PTSD or other battlefield experience syndromes in the Muslim world.   I contend that PTSD is caused by witnessing deplorable acts and experiencing situations of high stress.   God did not intend for us to kill, maim and torture other human beings.   It is very difficult for the human psyche to process.

I am angry at people who hijack the word of God and turn it into something other than the tremendous blessings that it is.   I am angry at the people who refuse to recognize the threat and refuse to acknowledge that evil and terrorism exist as a part of a major world religion.   I am angry at people who even call it ‘Radical Islam’.  There is no such thing.  Are their peace loving Muslims?  Of course.  I would submit that the peaceful Muslims are actually living outside tenants of Islam, not following it.   I have studied the Koran extensively and to call it peaceful is at best a politically correct attempt to appease the Muslims and at worst it is an outright lie used to perpetuate a specific worldview.


Each time a major world terror event is reported, instead of it putting another chink in my armor, it gives me the strength to call out these soulless animals and use my own little fiefdom to carry on my attempts to expose them for the callous cowards that they are.  I will continue on fighting the fight and battling the war of ideas.   Each time something happens, it reminds me to stand up a little taller for my beliefs and repress the fear of talking about my worldview and ideology.   I will not let these events break me and push my ideas back into the recesses of my mind.   Each time, I get a little stronger and a little bolder.   Each time, I refer back to my Book.  I have read the ending….Good will win in the end.   That gives me the hope I need to continue.


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I am one of those "crazies" that the libtards talk about. A tried and true conservative, small government, let the people tend to themselves, stay out of my business and I, along with a throng of other small business owners, will inject life into the economy.
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